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"A cat sees no good reason why it should obey another animal, even if it does
stand on two legs."- Sarah Thompson

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Silly Zille!

Today I have major Zille updates!This morning little stinker Zille got a poor bird, and he always eats his kill, even in Colorado he did that. Also today mom gave my sister and I some old photo albums and one of the pictures was my sis holding Zille when he was really young it was sooo adorable!
Also in the cat album it had pics of Mausi and Daddycat. Mausi had a much thinner face, and Daddycat was a lean mean grinding machine! Also it had pics of my two deceased cats, Garfield and Fritzi. They were so sweet and I still love them a lot! Anyway I can't put much else today, I have an exam and a quiz to study for! Also I have a ton of homework! Ugh, I wish all the teachers would converse and talk about when teachers could give homework, but alas that is extremely unlikely, well bye for now!
Also tomorrow I think I will wear my pink crazy cat lady shirt! Also the question of the day, has your cat eaten anything unpleasent before? Please leave a comment and tell me what it was!
Zille's pic is on here!

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