Cat Quote of the Week

"A cat sees no good reason why it should obey another animal, even if it does
stand on two legs."- Sarah Thompson

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Adventures of Mausi! Vol.4

Mausi yet again sits on my work! She could leave nothing behind she had to strech out so that I could not do my biology work!

Here is Mausi laying on my mouse. I had put the laptop on the bed and she love putting her feet on the ventilator.

My sister was sitting on my bed too... No one and no object can escape Mausi!

Mausi loves technology! She helps out everyday when it comes to homework. She makes sure all our papers are safe to sleep on and she keeps them nice and warm for us! She is always gentle with computers and only put a dainty paw on the keyboard she never fusses or gets impatient with technology! She is a loveable cat!
Question of the Day!
Does your cat "help" with your homework or "use" the computer? Tell me all about it!


  1. Aw! Her tiny asparagus-paws clutch the keyboard. Ha ha! She is better than people when it comes to patience! I'm glad she keeps your papers warm. Biology is a dull subject that fattens the heart (that's how I see it); and No, none of my cats help me with school or use the computer--although, WhoDat is not unfamiliar with standing in front of the screen.

  2. He he, asparagues paws lighten the heart. I think biology is quite interesting. Last week we got to go in the lab and test solutions to see if there were any lipids and carbohydrates in it! But I hate having to take notes on it. I just finished a whole chapter of notes. Cute WhoDat he is always so funny!