Cat Quote of the Week

"A cat sees no good reason why it should obey another animal, even if it does
stand on two legs."- Sarah Thompson

Friday, September 9, 2011

Hip hip hooray!

Today is a great day! Today I found out that I am going to the mall with one of my best friend's tomorrow! It shall be wonderful! We will rant about cats and korean dramas when we get there! I will try to find cat merchandise, I love cat shirts and little cat statues and such. It shall be epic! I wonder if they will have enough cat stuff there to please me for sometime... Anyway it will be fantastic! I will tell you what I get tomorrow. Today I read some more from my Cat Fancy magazine, which is probably the best (and only) cat magazine in the world! Also today all the cats got a special treat. They got some Nine Lives Wet Cat Food. You know the one with the cute cat named morris on the front? We usually just keep a bowl of dry cat food out for them all day and night and they eat when they please, so wet food is quite a treat for them. Now it is time for the question of the day! I know this is kinda weird, because no one has responded yet, but oh well this blog lets me share all my cat updates with someone... Ok question of the day, what type of cat food do you feed your cat and do you serve it at intervals or do you always keep it out?

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