Cat Quote of the Week

"A cat sees no good reason why it should obey another animal, even if it does
stand on two legs."- Sarah Thompson

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Cat Pens and Angry Squirrels

Now I should tell you what I got at the mall yesterday. My friend and I were searching hard for cat stuff but we could not find any for the first two hours. We went through pricey shops looking and scavenging for cat stuff but alas to no avail. Finally when we were just leaving an over priced kid's store we saw a shop. It looked like a magical shop full of mystic beings. So we went in and I saw cat stautes galore!!! They had Egyptian cat statues, and Cat Jars and even a cat bird house. But when I got out I had bought one thing, a cat pen. I know, you must be shocked at this. You might be saying "Sarah, you went to a cat store and ONLY bought a pen?". A lot of it was expensive and I didn't want to have anything break in my bag, so I did what normal people do and I bought a hand carved cat pen. And guess what? The arms move! With the blog I have a pic of the pen for you enjoyment. Next on the list is Mausi and the squirrel of doom! Well, when I was going outside to let Zille in, I saw in one of the trees a scary squirrel who wouldn't shut up. So I did what all cat ladies do and I opened the upstairs bathroom window and let Mausi investigate. She was to my surprise, very disinterested. She looked at the squirrel for a bit but was more into getting pet by me thenn to listening to a squirrel chatter. I also put a pic of her on here, in the pic she is surveying her territory. Now it is the question of the day. Have you ever bought cat stuff for yourself at the mall and if so what was it?


  1. The cat pen is quite creepy. I believe it is really an antenna for communicating with clowns. Why would there not be cat stuff in a mall?
    Why does no man wear a mustache or beard?
    That squirrel was really a clown animagus!

  2. The cat pen is adorable! Ha ha clowns can not get through cats, cats are to wholesome and pure to fall for clowns! You are right though the squirrel was probably a clown, after all he did have a red nose that he could not pull off. At my school there are guys with beards and mustaches...