Cat Quote of the Week

"A cat sees no good reason why it should obey another animal, even if it does
stand on two legs."- Sarah Thompson

Friday, September 16, 2011

The Mausi Rescue Mission

This morning it was raining at my house, hard. This morning my cute cat Mausi was outside, right before it started to rain hard. My mom at first did not want me to go outside she says I always worry to much over the cats, but that is just what I do. Parents worry over their kids so why can't cat ladies worry over their cats? So after breakfast I got out two tin pans, which are used for cat treats, I went out side and started to clang them together calling for Mausi. They know that if they hear the pots that they will get a treat. So finally I found her! Under the deck, I grabbed her and ran inside! I have saved my precious Mausi!

Here is Mausi in Lucky's bed. All the cats love to go in his bed. Old Lucly can't defend himself so he has to wait until her royal highness is done sleeping. We have several different cat baskets in the house but it just isn't the same as the dog's bed...

Here she is again she really likes to strech out.

Here is a picture of the book I am reading right now. I love cat books esecially the mystery ones! This one is particularly good.

Here is Lucky waiting for a treat. He had to wear a towel for a bit because he got wet by the sprinklers last night.

Here is Lucky again. Isn't he so cute?

Question of the Day!
Have you ever had to rescue your cat from danger is so when and how?


  1. It rained here too! The first time in months. I had to rescue Dobby once when it stormed outside, he was hiding underneath the balcony at the Apartment/garage, and when he saw me he ran! But I saved him from certain death. Mausi should be pleased at your unswerving loyalty to her cause!
    Lucky looks like a puppy in the last photo.

  2. You too are loyal to your cat, just like hummingbirds are loyal to their clown masters. Lucky does that puppy face sometimes when he wants a treat, he is so cute!