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"A cat sees no good reason why it should obey another animal, even if it does
stand on two legs."- Sarah Thompson

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Coming Soon: Better Quality Pictures!

Today, my dad told me I could borrow his Nikon camera! I am super excited. To anyone who has seen my blog sometimes it is very obvious that my pictures aren't professionally done but with a DSi to work with I am doing the best I can. With the new camera to use you'll probably be able to notice the difference between my DSi photos and the Nikon ones. I am not complaining though, I like using the DSi it does a lot of great stuff and I heavily rely on it for everyday use. I will probably be able to start using it tomorrow and hopefully the cats will work with me. It's going to be interesting so get ready!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Cat Breed of the Month: The Scottish Fold

Today when I was at the dentist awaiting the horror of metal tools and tooth torture. I was trying to come up with something new for my blog. Something that would spark interest in cat lovers everywhere. That is when I decided to do the Cat Breed of the Month segment! In Cat Fancy they talk in detail about a different cat breed every issue. So I thought why not do that to? This issue's cat breed is the Scottish Fold! So get ready for lots of fun facts about this adorable cat!
Name: Scottish Fold

Alternate Names: Scott Fold or Scottish Lop

Origin: Scotland

Weight: 6 to 12 pounds

Temperament: This is a very sweet-tempered and sociable cat who is very adaptable. This cat is great with children and other pets. This cat has a medium activity level.

Special Features: Ears are laid back against the head due to a bone mutation.

Description: The Scottish Fold has a very rounded appearance. Medium sized, round head with a  short neck, and large eyes. Some of the breed's ears merely bend forward while others are completely folded and laid back. They also has a long fluffy tail. The eye color should complement the coat.

Coat: Comes in a variety of colors and patterns, most types allowed in CFA competitions. They come in long or short hair and have a very soft coat. For short hair Folds they should be brushed at least once a week and three to four times a week for the long hair Folds to prevent matting.

History: The first Scottish Fold was born in a town 13 miles from the Scottish city of Perth. The first Fold was a white female, named Susie, who was born to a normal litter of kittens. It's quite certain that the mutation was a spontaneous natural one. In 1963 she gave birth to four kittens two of them had the folded ears like their mother. William Ross and his wife Mary, who were interested in cat breeding were able to take one of the kittens who was white like his mom, whom they named Snooks. One of Snooks's desendants, Snowdrift, was given to Pat Turner who was a professional breeder in London by the Ross Family. When British officials declined to accept the breed because of its mutation several were sent to the U.S. and the breed has strived ever since.

Question of the Day!
What do you think about the Scottish Fold, would this cat fit in to your houshold well?

Cat Fancy February 2012 Edition
Cats by: Catherine Davidson
A Pocket Guide to Cats by: Emily Williams
The CFA Complete Cat Book by: CFA and its Asociates

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Monday, December 26, 2011

Book Review: The Devious Book for Cats

Hi guys! This is going to be my first book review so hang in there with me! I am not sure how this is going to turn out but I am confident!

Book Title: The Devious Book for Cats (A Parody)              

Authors: Fluffy and Bonkers

Co Authors: Joe Garden, Janet Ginsburg, Chris Pauls, Anita Serwacki, and Scott Sherman

Illustrations: Emily Flake

Publisher: Villard Books

Copyright: 2008

Pages: 213

Sample Text from Book:
Q: Why do humans seem annoyed when you jump in the box after they've just scooped it?
A: Humans are selfish. They like to play in the litter and then expect you not to use it as intended. You'd think they'd have better things to do and better places to do it in than where you go to the bathroom. (Page 68).

Summary: Are you a cat wanting to have some fun? Are you bored of daily life? Do you want to do more than eat and nap? Do you want to learn more about eating and napping? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you have found the right book! The Devious Book for Cats has everything from how to snatch food to how to wake up a sleeping person. This book gives you answers to all your litter box questions and teaches you the
secrets of cat dare devils, and much much more!

Cat Critic's Thoughts: I think this book is hilarious! This is probably the funniest cat book I have ever read. This book gives us humans an insight on the life and thoughts of cats, accompanied by great illustrations this book is great for people of all ages. The material in this book is fresh and fun and perfect for anyone wanting a light and easy read. A broad range of material is covered in this book and with its witty commentary it is the perfect gift for any cat lover in your home!

Rating:  I give this book 5 out of 5 cats!

Devious Cats Book Cover Picture from:

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Presents!

Merry Christmas to all! When I opened my presents I was amazed at all the cat I stuff I got! It was so exciting! I decided to share my Christmas cat presents with you!

First off, I got Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats which is filled with great cat poems and excellent drawings. I got this gift from best friend Maddie! Thanks Maddie for the wonderful gift, hopefully we can meet sometime and smash and crash!

Next I got The Devious Book for Cats, this book is a parody of The Dangerous Book for Boys, I read this to my cats and they really seem to like it! Danke Onkel Sebastian und Tante Mickey, das Buch ist echt toll!

Then I got a pair of super fuzzy extra epicly awesome Garfield pajama pants! These came from my sister! Love you M. thanks so much! Mausi loves to knead these!

I got another pair of pajamas from my parents! They too have cats on them! I have learned that pajamas with cats are always the best and most comfortable! Thanks again mom and dad, you rock my socks or should I say pjs???

Last but certainly not least is a cat notepad set I got from my parents! Now if I have stuff to do I can put it down in a fun way!

Question of the Day!
What presents did you get this Christmas that are cat related?

Friday, December 23, 2011

News: Cats Escape Burning Building

     Hi guys. I have decided to start a new segment on my blog. It is on news about cats. I know you are probably thinking that there isn't much going on but that's not true! A lot is actually going on! I don't know how good this segment will be and if it will last but I will give it a try! This is my first timje as a commentator so bear with me! Hope you enjoy!

   In Tennessee today, three cats were killed in a fire in a residential home. Although the homeowners escaped uninjured the cats could not be rescued. My heart goes out to those poor kitties. Meanwhile in Shamokin (no clue where that is either) a resident's house also suffered from a fire. The 55 year old man made it out alive, and fire fighters were able to save his two cats from the smoke and flames. If my house were on fire the first thing I would try to do is rescue all my pets and family, grant it I hope there is no fire so that I don't have to prove it but if there is I will try my best!

Meanwhile wildlife charities are tracking the movements of the Amur Tiger and Amur Leopard, which are the most endangered animals in all of Eastern Russia. The Wildlife Vets International  Charity hopes to help these endangered animals find safe ground.

And finally in Cortland six cats were removed from an apartment after complaints against the tenant were filed, the animals were living in poor condition and were injured. I hope that whoever hurts these animals gets severly punished for their actions. Animals have feelings too! They should be treated with care and love!

Well that is all for today hope this news gives you an inside look on how much goes on in the world of cats! I probably will not be posting anything tomorrow since it is Christmas Eve. So I hope you all have a great Christmas. Happy Holidays to all and to all a good night!

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Help Hungry Cats

                Today when I was flipping through the newest edition of Cat Fancy, I am came across an ad for a website called Free Kibble Kat. I went to the website and found out that whenever you answer trivia questions, 10 pieces of kibble will be given to an animal shelter in need. Whether you are right or wrong cats are still fed, and you can do trivia for dogs too! Please do your part and help animals with just the click of a mouse! Here is the link: 
Answer the daily trivia and donate to help cats and dogs everywhere!

*Pic found on

Question of the Day!
What do you do to help cats and dogs?

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Cats

       My cats love Christmas. In fact they told me it is there favorite holiday! They love Christmas so much that they dress up as Santa!

Mausi in her little hat. What is that? You think I just used my "awesome" skills to paste hats on to pictures of my cats? That is a ridiculous notion...

This is Zille with an adorable collar to go with his hat.
Daddycat got really worked up and decided to wear a full costume.
Even Lucky was in the Christmas spirit!
Now that I am on holiday break and I do not have any homework for the first time this year, I will be able to post more! YAY! More cats!
Question of the Day!
Who do you think looked cutest in their Christmas outfit?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cat Christmas Presents!

                   Today was the last day of school before winter break! I am finally free! Free from exams and worries! I can live! Today I got lots of neats gifts from my friends but one set of gifts really made me hyperventilate! From one friend, who will remain anonymous, I got a ton of cool cat stuff!

This is the cat I got from my friend! I named him Chub Chub!
And this is the set of calender stuff I got!
Even though she told me she got it at a garage sale for 50 cents I am still very happy! I think it was a good buy and I want to thank her for the wonderful gifts!
Thanks friend! I am sorry my sister shook you and made the pic blurry...
Question of the Day!
Have you ever gotten cat presents from friends and family, how about enemies?

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cats and School

                      Hi guys! I know it has been a while since I lasted posted and I am sorry. This is exam week and I have been studying super hard. So please forgive me for not posting stuff! I have a 100 question math exam tomorrow so I have to make this short... This is a trailer I found for a Korean movie called The Cat! It has one of my fav. actors in it from City Hunter (Park Min Yeoung). Apparently from the description the main character (Min Yeoung) runs a cat grooming shop when one day one of her clients dies on the elevator and her cat is the only one that can tell the tale! I bet there were some clowns involved. The perfect combo cats and korean entertainment! Hope you enjoy!

Video posted by mayries13, I do not own this video!