Cat Quote of the Week

"A cat sees no good reason why it should obey another animal, even if it does
stand on two legs."- Sarah Thompson

Friday, November 25, 2011

Photo Shopped Photos

Hello here are some pics I decided to photo shop for my fan(s)! I used the software on my DSi to do this so they are of rather poor quality but it was a lot of fun to do! I hope you enjoy!

This is Mausi in a forest of love!
Mausi if she were fat, not that she is (Mausi don't kill me)!
Mausi the ninja!
Zille being attacked by clown noses!
Zille is now so blue because his clown nose friends left...
Daddycat is trapped, the clown noses are about to do their ritual...
Mausi what did you do????
MAUSI ANGRY! MAUSI SMASH! (look at the caterpillar).
It is a gray world...   
for a color blind dog. :(
Zille how much catnip did you have?
Mausi the aristo"cat" or Mausi the Ripper.
A pirate!
Daddycat Potter! "Daddycat your a wizard"
Question of the Day!
What did you think about my photos? Were they as cheesy as blue cheese? Did the pics amuse you or did they make your cats yawn with boredom? What do you think my cats will do to me when they see this entry???


  1. Who could your fan(s) be? The clown noses made me laugh in terror! Poor Daddycat! And Zille is in deep doodoo with the noses. Mausi looks rather strange all bloated like that. I think she will turn her nose up at that photo. Mausi the aristocat is very cute. Daddycat Potter is grumpy in appearance. The catnip one is most queer. Why did you have us look at the caterpillar in that photo? SMASH!

  2. I don't know who my fans are (besides my own cats). I thought you would like the clown noses my cats were disturbed by them. The caterpillar was a different color too! CRASH!