Cat Quote of the Week

"A cat sees no good reason why it should obey another animal, even if it does
stand on two legs."- Sarah Thompson

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is the day where all pets in America rejoice! For it is Turkey Day! What pet does not wait by the oven for that turkey? Here are some cute photos I took of my furry family today (this includes my dad) just kidding with you dad!
Now Introducing postcards from my pets:

Now for the Food and other fun photos:

The gathering...

The carrots

The un-mashed potatoes.

The crackers and dip

The beloved cranberry sauce!

The competition... who will get a piece of turkey first?


A fun game of chess! I lost... to my younger sister. :(

Lucky wants to play too!

I hoped you guys like my new post! Thanks to the few who read my blog! Here is an added bonus pic that my sis actually took! It is really cute!
How adorable is this!

Question of the Day!
Do your pets love Thanksgiving? Do they get any food? Tell me all about your holiday!


  1. Liberty did not get any Thanksgiving treats, sadly. I love the picture with Lucky on the Chess board! Ha ha our dogs do that as well. The cranberry sauce container is rather creepy I daresay. In the last photo Daddycat seems to be squished. I wrote a story about my sister trying to flush cat down the toilet, which is based on a true story. I think that Daddycat will get the turkey first! Did you give your pets any snacks? Daddycat is cutest of all!

    We were stingy and only gave a single pea to each of the dogs for a treat on Thanksgiving. My sister came and was disappointed in our "bland" food, and mom could not taste anything. I made some fudge (and I am the only one who likes it you may try some) and a pie and pumpkin bread. the pie crust stuck to the plate. And my mom made spicy ham, and dry, crusty turkey; cornbread dressing, which has more chicken in it than bread; store-bought rolls; sweet potatoes; dried instant potatoes; and some mini-sausages in barbecue sauce. Peas and brussel sprouts. That is what we ate and we drank sweet tea. Also I was slightly depressed because everyone took naps and nothing interesting happened, like clowns coming down and demanding food or William Lane Craig coming to Texas for a debate. But I am excited for our sleepover!

  2. Daddycat is adorable! And he won the race to the turkey. All my cats (and Lucky too) got turkey but Mausi hardly ate any. Only a pea? Your story sounds interesting hopefully I can read it. The dinner you had sounded... delightful! I can't wait to write the post on your kitty cats! Maybe you should start a new blog perhaps that will be something interesting for you to do. Souns like you love William Craig! Perhaps no clowns will attack when I am over, we should go through the guest house at night... It'll be exciting tomorrow!