Cat Quote of the Week

"A cat sees no good reason why it should obey another animal, even if it does
stand on two legs."- Sarah Thompson

Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Belated Halloween!

Hello everyone! I know this post is super late but I have been so busy at school. But I have now dressed up the cats for halloween and I want everyone to see them!

Here is Mausi in a pirate bandana.

Here she is again in a boa and cape!

Now with a purple skirt...

Oh no! Mausi is about to be attacked my an evil villian what will she do!

What will she do?

Yes! She nudges the gun away with her head!

Daddycat in disguise as... a FEMALE????

Zille the wizard! Will he fight with Gandalf to end the corruptive reign of the corrupt? Or will he attack the denomic stuffed animals?

Question of the Day!
Do you dress up your pets for halloween? What do you dress them up as? Put it in the comments section!
Do NOT put any hazardous items on your pets that they can choke on, and if they are wearing a costume stick with your cat at all times and do not keep the costumes on for too long. I only had the costumes on my cats for under five minutes, Also do NOT give your pets candy it WILL kill them.


  1. I do not dress my pets up for halloween! But what you have done to your cats is terribly adorable. Zille is especially cute. When can we have a sleepover? Mausi is very patient. Liberty would maul me if I tried to dress her up. I think Penny could be dressed as a clown!

  2. Mayve we could have a cat dress up sleepover party! I have this week off because of Thanksgiving break so maybe we can meet then... Penny would be a very scary clown, esp. if she was chasing us.

  3. Mom said to ask you if you want to come over here sometime. She is not very specific, I am afraid. yes I am afraid!! I went into Patches the Clown's house and there was a clown room. There were clowns everywhere! ahhh!