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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Cat Origami!

Hello guys! It has been forever since I lasted posted, but school keeps me so busy that I don't have any free time. Plus I have been working costumes for the school play, and today was the last show, so I am glad I got that over with! Now it is Thanksgiving break for me and I am super excited! I have extra time to write to you and I can post funny tips and ideas for you and your cats on Thanksgiving!Today I did some cat origami for you! I got the instructions on how to make this here: If you have any questions about your cat origami or are interested in origami click th link above.

First off you need two pieces of standard sized oragami paper ( 6 by 6).
Then you fold the first piece in half.
Then you unfold it.
Then you take the tip and fold it to the center crease.
Then you fold that piece like so...
Then you take the one edge and fold it..
Then you leave it in folded position.
You do the same for the other side, after you complete that you get a diamond.
Then you fold the two sides over.
Then you fold the tip till it meets the other two folds.
Then you flip it over and fold the unfolded side.
Then you fold a small piece of that, it becomes the nose so don't make it too large.
Then you take the next piece of paper and fold it in half.
Then you fold the one side so it meets the crease.
Same with the other side so it looks sort of like a kite.
Then you fold it in half again, and turn it just like I did in the picture.
Then you fold the tip.
Ten, you have to do a squash fold, you can find the instructions for it on the website, but I will try to explain it as good as I can. Here you take the the folded piece (aka the tail) and pull on it.
Then you fold it again!
You take the tip and fold it upwards.
Then you do a sort of pull, and put it behind the cat's body.
Finally, you tape the head and body together and you can decorate the cat's face however you want.
Waiting for Mausi's verdict...
She approves!
I hope the instructions help a bit! If not then you can just click the link. I hope you have fun making it!
Question of the Day!
Do you like to put cats in your works of art? If so which ones? Were my instructions easy to understand or were they an uncrackable code?
Please comment and follow me and my cats!


  1. Hey hey hey it's Loren Coleman! I remember making the cat origami. That was perfectly understandable plus with the pictures that made it easier to grasp the idea. Did you name this cat origami? hee hee Mausi is very cute! I enjoy drawing pictures of our cats. I will ask mom if we can have a sleepover or similar gathering.

  2. This is Edarlitrix but I changed my picture and name. Do not be frightened! Richard Dawkins called William Lane Craig a ponderous buffoon, supposedly, so I am one too.

  3. When I saw the name Ponderous Buffoon I got scared I thought some stalker was following me on here... But now I know it is only you! :) Perhaps we can have a sleepover this week, maybe before Thanksgiving or perhaps the day after? We can smash and crash!

  4. Perhaps if we go to your house we can take pictures of all of your cats and put them on my blog!

  5. Dobby and WhoDat and Liberty would look just charming on your blog! I will ask mom about the days for sleepover that you mentioned. We'll smash and crash till our hearts explode from beating like tiny mice at the sight of Thanksgiving dinner!

  6. Ha ha hopefully your mom and my mom shall be able to converse soon for I fear my free week will soon let out...

  7. Yay! We shall meet soon. I am going to see the Nutcracker by Tchaikovsky, my snake! tee hee hee! I like smashin', I like crashin', but I LOVE smashing and crashing!

  8. I hope you have fun there! It sounds exciting, I guess I will then see you some time Saturday evening! It shall be smashtastical!