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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Cat Breed of the Month: The Scottish Fold

Today when I was at the dentist awaiting the horror of metal tools and tooth torture. I was trying to come up with something new for my blog. Something that would spark interest in cat lovers everywhere. That is when I decided to do the Cat Breed of the Month segment! In Cat Fancy they talk in detail about a different cat breed every issue. So I thought why not do that to? This issue's cat breed is the Scottish Fold! So get ready for lots of fun facts about this adorable cat!
Name: Scottish Fold

Alternate Names: Scott Fold or Scottish Lop

Origin: Scotland

Weight: 6 to 12 pounds

Temperament: This is a very sweet-tempered and sociable cat who is very adaptable. This cat is great with children and other pets. This cat has a medium activity level.

Special Features: Ears are laid back against the head due to a bone mutation.

Description: The Scottish Fold has a very rounded appearance. Medium sized, round head with a  short neck, and large eyes. Some of the breed's ears merely bend forward while others are completely folded and laid back. They also has a long fluffy tail. The eye color should complement the coat.

Coat: Comes in a variety of colors and patterns, most types allowed in CFA competitions. They come in long or short hair and have a very soft coat. For short hair Folds they should be brushed at least once a week and three to four times a week for the long hair Folds to prevent matting.

History: The first Scottish Fold was born in a town 13 miles from the Scottish city of Perth. The first Fold was a white female, named Susie, who was born to a normal litter of kittens. It's quite certain that the mutation was a spontaneous natural one. In 1963 she gave birth to four kittens two of them had the folded ears like their mother. William Ross and his wife Mary, who were interested in cat breeding were able to take one of the kittens who was white like his mom, whom they named Snooks. One of Snooks's desendants, Snowdrift, was given to Pat Turner who was a professional breeder in London by the Ross Family. When British officials declined to accept the breed because of its mutation several were sent to the U.S. and the breed has strived ever since.

Question of the Day!
What do you think about the Scottish Fold, would this cat fit in to your houshold well?

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Cats by: Catherine Davidson
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