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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cat Breed of the Month: The Balinese

Appearance: The Balinese, also known as a Javenese, has a semi-longhair silky coat, he also comes in several ditinctive printed colors. The Balinese is a direct member of the Siamese and is basically a long-haired version of the Siamese. It has a long, lean body and blue, almond shaped eyed with a rounded body type and a apple shaped head.

History: This beautiful cat originated in the United States. A long-haired Siamese was first registered in 1928 in the UK, but they only began to breed themin the US in the 1950s. These long-haird Siamese cats were recognized as an official breed in 1961. The breed was named the Balinese because the breeder was reminded of Balinese temple dancers whenever she saw her cats.

Traits and Temprament: The Balinese is described as demanding, affectionate, playful, and energetic, similar to his Siamese cousin.This cat has a highly inquistive nature and needs lots of feline and human company.

Grooming: Since the Balinese only has a one layer coat of fur, it doesn't need as much management and grooming as other longhaired cats. Weekly brushing is good for much cats and wouldn't hurt you Balinese, it may even help your cat, there would be less hairballs and less chance of matting.

Health Related Issues: As of yet there are no known health related issues concerning the Balinese.Like all cats, the Balinese should get regular vet check ups.

Question of the Day!
Does the Balinese fit you and your lifestyle?

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  1. No, I do not think the Balinese fits me or my lifestyle. Does it fit yours? Could it help you finish your math packets and monotonous geography?

  2. Not sure... I think it would fit my style, and since there are 3 other cats in the house I would he think he would have enough playmates... But I love strays! I don't think I'll ever buy a cat when there are so many out on the streets.